STANLEY Interlocking PP Floor Tiles Introduction

STANLEY Interlocking PP Floor Tiles

STANLEY Interlocking PP Floor Tiles Detail
  • Model:Honeycomb Hole Interlocking Floor Tiles
  • Material:High Quality Polypropylene
  • Color:Red,Blue,Green,Yello,Orange,Black etc.
  • Weight:200g(±5g)/piece
  • Size:25cm x 25cm x 1.2cm
  • Composition:Tile + Edge + Corner
  • Package:132 pieces(8.25㎡)/Package
  • Used For:Roller Skating Rink,Inline/Roller Hockey Rink,Basketball/Badminton/Tennis/Volleyball Court,School,Garden,Kindergarten,Playground,etc.


STANLEY Interlocking PP Floor Tiles Advantage

The Stanley Interlocking PP Floor surface uses a honeycomb hole and a bottom high-density tentacles to support the strip structure. The structure has the characteristics of non-slip, safety, shock absorption and durability.

  • The surface of the honeycomb hole is non-slip, and the friction coefficient is 1.3, which is suitable for sports such as inlineskating, basketball and badminton. The surface is flat and it is easy to clean the surface.
  • The bottom tentacles can be directly laid on the flat ground such as cement, asphalt, and tiles. Multi- tentacles lock the floor to ensure that the floor does not slip, and has a good shock absorption effect, providing the user with a cushioning force - safer and more durable.
  • The reinforced splicing combination of the claws and the locks is very convenient for installation and disassembly. At the same time, the proper seam gap also provides cushioning and absorption for the thermal expansion and contraction of the floor, preventing the bulge from shrinking and tearing.

Environmental Material

STANLEY Interlocking PP Floor Tiles use the environmental material
  • Stanley Honeycomb Flooring uses Taiwan's environmentally friendly native PP material (Stanley refuses to use inferior recycled materials), environmentally safe - in line with the US Food and Drug Administration's 21 CFR 177.1520 specification, environmental protection level to food grade - can be directly with food contact.
  • The material is food grade primary polypropylene material, non-toxic, harmless, non-irritating odor, non-parasitic bacteria. Green health and no pollution. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and there is no irritating odor when the outdoor temperature is high.
  • Whether it is cold or hot, it is normal at outdoor -30℃ to 70℃, no adverse reactions。
  • Stanley floor has passed the inspection and inspection of China National Sporting Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and all tests have met the requirements (GT1802131).

Environmental STANLEY Interlocking PP Floor

Rich colors, Rich patterns

Rich colors to create a variety of patterns to meet the needs of customized patterns

STANLEY Interlocking PP Floor is rich in color, bright and dark, to meet the needs of indoor and outdoor. Mainly: red, blue, light blue, green, bright green, orange, yellow, black, gray, light gray and so on.

Rich colors can spell a variety of graphics and shapes. After using for a while, you can also adjust the color and change a variety of patterns.

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Where can the STANLEY Interlocking PP Floor be used?

STANLEY Interlocking PP Floor Tiles used For


Roller Skating Rink,Inline/Roller Hockey Rink,Basketball/Badminton/Volleyball Court,Tennis Court,etc.


Educational Place

School,Kindergarten,Indoor room,Indoor Sports Court,etc.


Business and Public

Commercial Venues,Public Park,Public Square,etc.

Easy to use

Interlocking PP Floor Tiles,Edges,Corners,Easy to use

The Stanley Interlocking Floor consists of "Tile", "Edge-A", "Edge-B" and "Corner".

When assembling, the floor tiles is mainly spliced together. The Edge-A, Edge-B, and the Corner are all used for the edge of the Tiles.

Each Tile is a 25cm x 25cm square, and any two Tiles can be assembled through the "Edge-A" and "Edge-B" on the Tile.At the edge of the Tile, use a 25cm x 6cm Edge-A or Edge-B.

Laying and Disassembling Video

Watch the video, how to lay and disassemble the floor

《Laying Video》

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《Disassembling Video》

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Who used the STANLEY Interlocking PP Floor?

Places use
Roller skating floor market share in China
Used in cities with -40℃
STANLEY Interlocking PP Floor Tiles Case 283㎡


STANLEY Interlocking PP Floor Tiles Case 286㎡


STANLEY Interlocking PP Floor Tiles Case 407㎡


STANLEY Interlocking PP Floor Tiles Case 400㎡


STANLEY Interlocking PP Floor Tiles Case 330㎡


STANLEY Interlocking PP Floor Tiles Case 125㎡


STANLEY Interlocking PP Floor Tiles Case 227㎡


STANLEY Interlocking PP Floor Tiles Case 155㎡